Tips for starting a band and keeping it together


From Beginners Guitarist Academy:

We can talk about the complexities of guitar-playing until the Cows come home (whenever that is) but one thing that not many people teach is how to start a band- or more specifically- how to increase your chances of success with a band. So to cut to the chase- here’s some tips on how to start and manage a band:

PREPARE TO BE BROKE I’ve banhed on before about the hardships of living a life as a professional musician- it sucks. You will constantly be spending your fleeting currency on replacing strings, upgrading equipment, renting spaces and generally doing anything. Low-level gigs don’t pay much- if anything at all. It is highly advisable to find a manageable part-time or freelance job. Maybe even a full-time job if you’re hardcore! Financial backing of some kind is a must- anyway.

YOU HAVE TO THINK BUSINESS It may not exactly be Rock ‘n Roll, but you have to be realistic and think of your band in terms of a musical business. You cement a unique sound/style, you brand yourself with your logos and designs, and you generally have a Unique Selling Point about you. If crowds aren’t responding to certain songs then consider scrapping or re-writing them. That is unless you’re extremely dedicated to a niche genre and you really believe in it!

DON’T FALL INTO THE “NICE GUY” TRAP Your bandmates are musicians- first and foremost. They are there to make music with you and play it well. Them being your friend should come second. Of course you can’t have everyone in a band hating each other, but keeping a sub-standard musician in because they’re a: “Nice Guy” is counterproductive.

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