Lou Reed’s 20 Best Quotes


Lou Reed, 71, the leader of the Velvet Underground and 22 solo albums, has died. There’s no cause of death so far, but he had a liver transplant in May. In a 1982 interview Brian Eno made the often repeated statement that while the first Velvet Underground album may have sold only 30,000 copies in its early years, “everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band.” No one but Reed wrote about subjects of rock and roll, sexuality and drug culture so in tune than Lou. Earlier today, the following picture was posted on Lou Reed’s official Facebook page:


Rest in peace, man. Here are his 20 best quotes.

“There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.”

“Things always seem to end before they start.”

“When you think the night has seen your mind, That inside your twisted and unkind, Let me stand to show that you are blind. Please put down you hands cause I see you. I’ll be you mirror.”

“Rock & roll is so great, people should start dying for it. You don’t understand. The music gave you back your beat so you could dream…The people just have to die for the music. People are dying for everything else, so why not for music? Die for it. Isn’t it pretty? Wouldn’t you die for something pretty? ”

“Let’s do what you fear most
That from which you recoil
But which still makes your eyes moist”

“I always believed that I have something important to say and I said it.”


“Sha la la, man…”

“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

“The most important part of my religion is to play guitar.”

“I’m an artist and that means I can be as egotistical as I want to be.”

“These are really terribly rough times, and we really should try to be as nice to each other as possible.”

“I don’t mind a repetitive chorus; I mind repetitive verse. I mean, it’s the same amount of space. Why would you have only three diamonds if you can have six?”

“I’m not joking around when I’ve said occasionally, trying to learn how to play a D chord properly has been a very big thing for me.”


“Some even claim that I’m a terror, a dictator and they’re right.”

“I can’t do anything I want to. I mean, I can’t have my own TV show. I can’t have my own movie. But within my little world, nobody tells me what to put on the albums.”

“You can’t ask me to explain the lyrics because I won’t do it.”

“You’re a musician: You play. That’s what you do.”

“I don’t think anybody is anybody else’s moral compass. Maybe listening to my music is not the best idea if you live a very constricted life. Or maybe it is.”

“There’s only X amount of time. You can do whatever you want with that time. It’s your time.”