Spike Jonze Directing Arcade Fire ‘Live Music Video’ for YouTube Music Awards

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From NME:

Speaking to NME about his plans for the ceremony, Jonze confirms that he will be creating visuals live as the ceremony is streamed to the world, including a video for Arcade Fire song ‘Afterlife’ as they perform it. “It’ll be really interesting to try and pull it off,” he says. “We have a whole handful of directors, we’re mixing the music video film world in with the live broadcast world and trying to make live music videos.”

Discussing the logistics of the evening, Jonze continues: “We have this big warehouse so instead of it being in a theatre where everyone’s performing their song to an audience we’re going to have sets all around the warehouse and each artist will have a different set. There are different ideas, some have narratives, one of them doesn’t really have the artist in it. We’re trying to take the music video format and produce it live.”