The Falming Lips’ Wayne Coyne on Bob Dylan


From Rolling Stone:

Wayne Coyne: I’ve been talking to Jim James about his Bob Dylan/Wilco tour where I think the public has an idea of “that must be like a party every night!” I don’t think being with Bob Dylan nowadays is a party. I think he probably doesn’t talk to anybody and I think it’s kind of just the opposite.

Rolling Stone: I think Jim said they didn’t meet offstage the whole tour.
I think someone should say that for once. It doesn’t mean his music isn’t very powerful, but I think Bob Dylan’s been kind of a curmudgeon and I think there’s a contingency of people out there who don’t want to say that. And I say, why not? We pick on Miley Cyrus, who’s 17 years old. We pick on her, but someone like Bob Dylan, we just protect him even though he’s sitting there, in all actuality, not really trying very hard. I would say, it’s his loss ­to be there with Jim James and his crew, and to be there with Wilco, and not get in on that. I’m like, “It’s your loss, buddy.” I’d say they could have got rid of Bob Dylan and just done a tour with Wilco and My Morning Jacket and it would’ve been great.

Have you met Dylan?
We did a festival quite a few years ago now in Kilkenny, Ireland, where Bob Dylan was playing after us. At the time, we already knew that it was much like that then, even. But we held out hope that, who knows, we may be using the same portable toilet at some point. And as we were leaving the airport, we saw the newspaper and it said, “Michael Jackson is coming to watch Bob Dylan play in Kilkenny.” It’s a really small town. It’s like the biggest thing that could have ever happened in the world. And then to have Michael Jackson come there to see Bob Dylan is already absurd. I mean, what the fuck? Talk about two weirdos that would probably actually despise each other. We just thought, “My God, this is going to be amazing, because we’re into shit like that.” I say the more absurd the better.

We got done playing and suddenly it was like a lockdown. They rushed you offstage. “You gotta get your equipment off, you gotta clear the area.” We looked out and saw this line of big, black Hummer limousines. Probably six or seven of them in a row. And we thought, dude, fucking Michael Jackson is here. They pull right up to the stage and it’s just Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is in one. Two guys are in another one. They walk up to the stage. They play. They walk right back down to the limousines as soon as they’re done. The truth of it is, you believe Michael Jackson would have a ridiculous entourage because it seems believable. You would think Bob Dylan would just back amongst all the trailers jamming his acoustic guitar trying to keep warm with us. That’s the story, but that’s not the way it is. It’s weird and that’s the truth. What can you do?

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