That Time Peter Gabriel Ate A Cake Stuffed With Marijuana

Peter Gabriel recalls in The Daily Mail that time, while still in Genesis, the spirit of creative research took over, and he devoured a cake that had been stuffed with marijuana.

‘I was on my own and I thought, OK, I’m going to give it a go. I had a slice and it didn’t do anything, so I had another slice, and another slice. Then it hit.
‘I moved my head about five degrees forward and these tubes of liquid metal shot out of my back and crashed into my head. I was convinced I was going to die.
‘I was in the farm studio about half a mile from where I lived. I had a little cassette recorder with me, and on the tape you can hear me making my bid for home.
‘I waited 20 minutes to cross a completely empty road, afflicted by extreme paranoia, and then I decided that the meaning of life was four video tapes running out of synch.
‘As this moment of deep enlightenment arrives you hear me falling into the ditch…’