10 Things Artists Can Learn from Cher

Last week, India Coran from Dale Speaking Radio Promotions and Digital Marketing in Toronto finally got to see Cher. It was a pretty incredible moment for her as she’s always been a fan. But as she likely danced all night, she came up with a list of things any artist can learn from Cher, and it’s pretty solid:

1) Have a kick-ass personality

She was known for years as “The Bitch” on Sonny and Cher. During her show while fans were screaming she was bold enough to say, “Shut up, I’m talking”. How do you not love that?

2) You don’t need to “fit in”

Cher made a point that she was never really a singer or an actress, so she had to figure things out on her own. You might not be a pop, rock, country etc artist. You may be a mix. You can still figure it out.

3) Make your shows a spectacle!

Granted, she does have A LOT more $$$ for fancy stage setups, dancers etc. But the point is that you should aim to make it impossible for people to take their eyes off of you.

4) Have a social media persona!

Cher is 67 and posts on twitter daily. Her tweets are emoticon filled, and it’s awesome. If Cher can do it, you can do it.

5) It’s ok to lack radio play

Cher’s newest album, Closest to the Truth, yielded 3 singles. Combined, they only received 105 spins on Canadian radio. Does she care? No. A lack of radio play is not the end of the world. I know that Cher has a huge reputation, but that’s all in the past. She’s not reaching any new fans via radio.

6) Use effects tastefully

Cher was the first artist to ever use auto-tune. It was an effect used in her 1998 single “Believe”. It’s a little bit of a signature sound now for her, but it’s used an an effect in dancier songs (such as Take It Like a Man), rather than a necessity. (In other words, she can sing!). If you’re a singer, make sure you can sing (live and recorded) without relying on auto-tune to fix imperfections.

7) Pay for the recording

Cher is listed as “Executive Producer’ on her new album. In other words, she fronted the $. It seems to be the way that music is going. As an artist, you’ll probably have to raise funds to record your album.

8) You can film a music video on a modest budget

Minus Cher’s extravagant paper headdress, her video for “Woman’s World” is just girls dancing in front of a green screen. Totally doable! There are so many ways to make a creative, budget friendly music video.

9) Be Confident

Cher doesn’t give a s*it what other people think about her. She looks, acts and dresses the way that she does because it makes her happy. A little marketing to emphasize who you are is great, but stay true to yourself!

10) Be Healthy 

Being an artist can mean a lot of late nights, partying, poor nutrition etc. The key to longevity is to be healthy. Cher has the most amazing body that I’ve ever seen for someone 67. If you want longevity in your career, you have to be healthy and treat yourself right (that includes adequate sleep!).