Tom Petty On Songwriting, Part 2

From Billboard:

Tom Petty did something at the ASCAP Pop Awards on April 23 that he rarely does on the concert stage — he ad libbed.

Songwriting, songwriters and artists, “is the job most people in the band don’t want. It’s long, lonely work — you sit there waiting for magic,” he told a full ballroom of music publishers at Loews Hollywood Hotel.

“My generation used it to speak to the world, to put in our two cents about the way the world should work and how we should be treated,” Petty continued. “Through my heroes, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, I learned what a good song might be.”

Petty insisted he had never changed over his 40-year career. “I’m still just a shit kicker from Gainesville. I just have a lot nicer house,” he said.