This 16-Year-Old Got 199 Rejection Letters And Still Managed To Change The World

16 year-old scientist and humanitarian Jack Andraka has already changed the world. At 15, he won the Intel ISEF Gorden E. Moore award, the $75,000 top prize, for his invention of an early stage Pancreatic Cancer diagnostic test. Being referred to “the 15 year-old who changed the course of medicine” was not enough for Jack.

Jack has put together a team of teenagers from across the country and entered the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE competition that will be judged and decided in the end of 2015. The goal of the Tricorder X PRIZE competition is to create a device the size of a smart phone that can make reliable health diagnoses, which would be available directly to consumers at anytime, anywhere.

From Jack: “I’m a medical entrepreneur, and education activist and a global change maker. In comparison to the current leading methods of pancreatic cancer diagnostics, my sensor is 168 times faster, over 26,000 times less expensive and over 400 times more sensitive. Costs only 3 cents per test, and taking 5 minutes to run and has close to 100% accuracy. Its pretty mind blowing, its like a pregnancy test but for pancreatic cancer.”