Music Supervisor For Quentin Tarantino Tells You How To Catch A Music Supervisors’ Attention

An interview with Mary Ramos, a music supervisor for Quentin Tarantino movies, as well as over a hundred Hollywood blockbusters. In this conversation, recorded at Sync Summit Paris 2014, Mary shares specifics working in the sync licensing industry these days, and provides numerous practical advices on getting noticed by music supervisors.

00:00:16 – Introduction
00:00:59 – Being a music supervisor now vs. 20 years ago
00:01:46 – Catching music supervisors’ attention with covers
00:02:51 – Have a “swagger” song in your music arsenal
00:03:54 – Importance of having instrumental versions for your songs
00:04:45 – Your bootleg remix can be picked and cleared for a movie
00:06:02 – Places to look for licensing opportunities