Two-Thirds of Americans Would Put Themselves in Danger to Retrieve a Stolen Phone


From The Wire:

According to a new survey by phone security company Lookout, the majority of Americans would put themselves at risk to get their lost or stolen phones back. Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed cared more about their device and the data on it than the danger they were putting themselves in to retrieve it.

People were also willing to go to great financial lengths to get their phones back. Fifty percent of phone theft victims told Lookout they were likely to pay $500 (excluding the cost of the device) “to retrieve their stolen phone’s data, including all photos, videos, music, apps, and private information.” Some were willing to pay even more: one-third of victims said they would be willing to pay $1,000 for the data on their phone.

Alicia diVittorio, Lookout’s Director of Security Communications, to The Wire that the study determined “phones carry highly personal information from banking credentials to corporate email, making them extremely valuable to the owner, as well as thieves. For this reason, smartphone victims are willing to go to extreme lengths to recover their devices including putting themselves in danger and coughing up a great deal of money to keep their phones and the data they carry safe.” Considering one-in-ten smartphone owners has had their device stolen, there are a lot of Americans who feel this strongly about their mobile attachments.