Trent Reznor Speaks Out Against ‘Cowardly’ Bands

From Rolling Stone:

In an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record, Trent Reznor spoke candidly about what he feels is wrong with rock music today. “When you see a lot more excitement generated from the dance tent, I do think a staleness has permeated [rock music],” he explained before making the broader claim that “a pretty conservative nature has crept into music, and I don’t mean sonically.

“I get the sense that a lot of bands today are designing themselves to get a good review in the hip blogs, and that is probably the safest and most cowardly thing you can do as an artist,” added the Nine Inch Nails musician. “If you have something to say, then say it. Express yourself and break the rules.”

In contrast to other aging musicians decrying the changing times, the 48-year-old Reznor still comes across as self-aware, quickly clarifying his position: “I’m saying this as an old guy. You start to morph into the guy you railed against when you were younger. What I don’t want to realize tomorrow is that I have been this clown pretending to be someone half his age and thinking, ‘How did that happen?'”