Neil Young Talks Plans For ‘The Archives Vol. 2’

From Ultimate Classic Rock:

While he continues to write and record new music, Neil Young is also making time for his own journey through the past through a couple of upcoming releases.

Though it’s been five years and counting since the Canadian rocker released the first volume of his ‘Archives’ series, it looks like we might be close to seeing the release of the second. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Young talked about the state of the next box set. “It’ll be finished this summer. All of the music will be done,” Young said. “It goes just past [1979’s] ‘Rust Never Sleeps.’ It’s full of albums that weren’t there before – stuff I did that I never put out.” Of the albums that Young recorded but never released during this period include ‘Chrome Dreams’ from 1977 and ‘Homegrown’ from 1974-5.

Young went on to discuss the release plan for the volumes following the next iteration which will cover the singer’s ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s periods respectively. “The rest will come out pretty quickly. While we’ve been working on ‘Volume II,’ we’ve been working on the other volumes,” he said. “I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve made a template for how to release it in the future, if I can’t do it myself. I’ve also done a lot of it myself. The quality is there. It’s a model for