Jason Isbell Gets It Right. Again.

“If you’re not writing about the things that terrify you sometimes then you’re not giving people enough.

“I choose to reveal those things on the album for a lot of reasons.

“For one, I thought it might help some people. If you can connect with other human beings, then the best way to do that is to say things that you’re afraid of, that make you seem a little uncool and don’t present you in the best light.

“The audience you attract won’t turn their backs on you if you do that. They’re not going to be surprised, and they’re not going to be burning my records if I say something they disagree with.”

– Jason Isbell, the former Drive-By Truckers member penned a host of brutally honest songs for last year’s Southeastern album, detailing his struggles with alcoholism and a stint in rehab, as well as material based around cancer and sexual abuse.

Via The Evening Times