James’ New Video With Just Yarn Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Often at eOne Music, we sit around and talk about great ideas for videos – I’m surprised “I know! We’ll tell a story with just YARN!” has never come up. Writer and director Ainslie Henderson has, though, as seen in this amazing video he created for  James (“Sit Down,” “Laid”)  is a current Vimeo Staff Pick. Using stop-motion technique on simple strands of yellow yarn, Henderson just doesn’t throw yarn up in the air or show off a big ball of the stuff. He actually tells a surprisingly layered and effective story about life, death, and moving on. And yes, I cried at about the 1 minute mark. With over 200,000 views in a few days, this might bring James to a whole new audience. Let’s hope it does.

Moving On from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.