Man Calls 911 Looking To Score Some Marijuana. Go On, Guess What Happened Next

Fair be it for me to tell you what you do with your life. After all, if you want to get stoned but don’t have any weed, it’s perfectly within your stupid right to call 911. That’s what one man in Washington County, Oregon did earlier this month. Here’s a selection from the transcript:

Man: Where can I get some marijuana?

911: Excuse me?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

911: Do you realize you called the police department?

Man: No I didn’t. That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question. (long pause) It’s a legitimate question.

911: Which question is that?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

The dispatcher said that she didn’t know where he could get marijuana. The caller politely thanked her and hung up. Later, Hillsboro police visited him.

Police would like to remind the public that 911 is only for emergencies. But if you’d like to call looking for drugs, feel free to do that, too.