Alison Moyet tells how Elvis Costello blunder led to agoraphobia

From The Guardian:

Alison Moyet, one of the biggest pop stars of the 1980s, has described how being accidentally rude to fellow singer Elvis Costello was the trigger that led to her being housebound for years with agoraphobia.

The former Yazoo and solo singer has sold more than 20m records, including Only You, Don’t Go, Situation and Nobody’s Diary. She also revealed that she has smashed all of her gold discs and last year deliberately had everything wiped from her computer, including demos of new songs. Moyet returned to music last year with a new album called Minutes and is due to play several gigs around Britain this summer, including the Isle of Wight festival.

Appearing on Desert Island Discs, due to be broadcast on Sunday on Radio 4, she described Costello as her “idol” and one of his songs – I’m Your Toy – is among her eight chosen discs.

However, she told the programme’s host, Kirsty Young: “I’d gone to see him play in Southend and he’d been brilliant. He’d sung this two-hour set and he was formidable. I absolutely loved it, and there was a party back at Dr Feelgood’s house that he went to, and I’d been invited too, and there he was and he was lovely. He was charming and I wanted to say to him ‘you were wonderful’ and had all these wonderful descriptions of him. What came out of my mouth was, ‘You dragged that out a bit, didn’t you?’ Once I did that, I just felt, I don’t trust myself in polite society.”