Rdio Now Playing In Nine More European & Asian Countries

From Billboard:

Streaming service Rdio is now available in nine more countries, thanks to a series of new launches in Europe and Asia. Subscribers can now stream on-demand music and custom stations in a total of 60 territories spanning the globe.

In Asia, Rdio added service in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore, where the population totals more than 400 million. In Europe, the service now reaches five additional Mediterranean and Eastern European countries: Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia, where about 25 million people reside.

All five new European nations are classified by the World Bank as “high-income” countries, while only Singapore is in that category among the four Asian ones. The rest are considered developing economies. Indonesia is by far the largest with about 250 million people, roughly half in cities, making it the world’s fourth most populous country.