R.E.M. Issue Massive Compilations of More Than 150 Rarities

From Rolling Stone:

Following the release of R.E.M.’s “complete” Unplugged performances, the now defunct group has gone deep into its archives to offer “complete” packages of their discography for digital release, including over 150 rare songs. In addition to bundles of the albums they released on both I.R.S. Records and Warner Bros. on iTunes, the alt-rock trailblazers have compiled two complementary packages of hard-to-find recordings. The Complete Rarities: I.R.S. 1982-1987 offers 25 non-album tracks from their early days, while The Complete Rarities: Warner Bros: 1988-2011 contains 131. Both are available on Amazon as well as iTunes.

The I.R.S. set features studio B sides like “White Tornado” and “Voice of Harold,” in-studio covers of bands like the Velvet Underground (“There She Goes Again,” “Pale Blue Eyes”) and their contribution to the Bachelor Party soundtrack (“Windout”). Meanwhile, the Warner Bros. collection features live and studio covers (from Iggy Pop to the Ohio Players), live tracks (“Losing My Religion” in Rome from 1992 and “Bang and Blame” on Saturday Night Live), alternate mixes (a “Dance to the Music” take on “Shiny Happy People”), non-album tracks (“Fretless,” “Arms of Love”), instrumental versions (“Orange Crush”), soundchecks and more.