See D’Angelo Talk Sly Stone, ‘Space Jam,’ and his Teepee….wait…what?

D’Angelo opens up about his career in a rare extensive interview as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.

00:01:25 How playing guitar has affected D’Angelo’s music
00:06:47 “The blues is the thread that holds everything together.”
00:08:50 “If it’s confusing at first, that’s a good thing.”
00:10:37 What is the Vanguard?
00:11:56 “We up here singing for the Lord. Don’t be cute.”
00:15:56 D’Angelo’s group IDU (Intelligent Deadly But Unique)
00:18:40 “My main musical love was Prince.”
00:22:00 “I’ve been playing piano since I was 3.”
00:27:00 D’Angelo goes to the Apollo
00:30:05 D’Angelo on Mtume
00:34:05 D’Angelo on how he met Questlove
00:35:45 Questlove tells the story of how he met D’Angelo
00:38:25 Questlove: “I thought… Yo, this is our savior.”
00:41:42 D’Angelo on Voodoo
00:44:20 The evolution of D’Angelo from Brown Sugar to Voodoo
00:49:40 D’Angelo on Pino Palladino and Roy Hargrove
00:51:45 D’Angelo on “Devil’s Pie”
00:52:40 D’Angelo on Black Men United’s “U Will Know”
00:57:20 How technology has changed the music industry
00:58:20 “I met Sly Stone recently.”
00:59:35 Social media pressure on the creative process?
01:00:35 “I have a teepee.”
01:02:40 D’Angelo on the process of recording
01:03:31 “I’m kind of a first take dude.”
01:04:30 Where are you going musically?
01:06:25 If you were not a musician, what would you be?
01:07:50 Is there ever a temptation to do Christian music?
01:10:00 Questlove on how D’Angelo transformed his drumming
01:16:50 D’Angelo and Questlove on Soulquarians
01:19:20 Can we grapple with the phrase “neo-soul”?
01:22:00 “You put a name on something, you put it in a box.”