The Science Of Rock N Roll Coming To Ontario Science Centre

Have you ever wondered about the science behind rock ‘n’ roll? How has technology shaped this multi-billion dollar industry? How can performers bring hundreds of thousands of screaming fans to their feet? What physiological effects does rock have on our brain and body?

Behind the power and phenomenon of rock ‘n’ roll lays an entire world that remains hidden and unseen. How do you explain rock ‘n’ roll? What delivers its unique sound? And how do compositions come together that compel us to hang on to their every note? How has rock ‘n’ roll influenced sociocultural and political movements — and vice versa? What technologies have spurred the development of rock ‘n’ roll and conversely, what technological innovations has rock ‘n’ roll inspired?

The Science of Rock ‘n’ Roll is a new traveling exhibition that provides a fresh look at the history of rock from the perspective of science and technology. See how music has shaped the tools of rock–and how those tools have changed the music. Experience science in the key of rock! To learn more, go here.