Megan Abbott On Why Shakespeare Would Be Writing About High School

From The National Post:

In Megan Abbott’s seventh novel, The Fever, a mysterious illness tears through a clique of teenage girls, sending waves of hysteria around the high school and community at large. Early raves of this smart, coiled tale have Abbott, who has a PhD in English and American literature, tipped both for the book-of-summer trophy (“the new Gone Girl!”) and solidified her as Patricia Highsmith’s heir apparent. The Post spoke with the newly anointed queen of noir at her home in Queens, N.Y. last week:

High school is also the perfect milieu for fiction
“Once you’re in there fictionally you realize that everything is there. Shakespeare would be writing about high school if he were writing now! Emotions are at the highest, the power negotiations occur every hour there and everything is sort of laid bare and rumours now spread more quickly than ever. There’s also this sense of everybody wanting to get out, too, so there’s that kind of yearning for something more, but being caught and trapped there together.”