Sam The Record Man Sign Update In Toronto

Last week, Toronto city staff released a new report regarding the Sam the Record Man sign, that would see the iconic spinning lights mounted on the roof of the Toronto Public Health building at 277 Victoria Street. The report also recommends City Council direct City staff to examine funding sources for a “Toronto Music City”sign that would anchor the Sam Signage to the building and provide a visual link to a possible music related facility at 38 Dundas Street East. Read below for the Proposed Amendments to the agreements between Ryerson University and the City of Toronto regarding Sam the Record Man Signage.

This report recommends that the City offer to enter into a license agreement with
Ryerson University (“Ryerson”) to permit Ryerson to display the restored Sam the
Record Man signage, referred to in this report (the “Sam Signage”), on the roof of
the City-owned building at 277 Victoria Street, adjacent to Dundas Square. Any
determination by Ryerson to enter into such a licensing agreement is subject to the
physical and financial feasibility of doing so and the approval of Ryerson’s Board of
Governors, if required.

The City’s existing agreement with Ryerson securing the restoration and reinstallation
of the signage would be released from title to Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre and
the Ryerson Library once the license agreement with respect to 277 Victoria Street is entered
into and the restored signage has been installed on the roof of 277 Victoria Street.

This report also recommends approval of a site-specific amendment to Chapter 694,
Signs, General (“Chapter 694”) to permit the Sam Signage to be located on the roof of
the building at 277 Victoria Street, as well as to permit the display of a large projecting
sign which will integrate the Sam Signage into this building. This property is located
within the Downtown Yonge Street Special Sign District and is specifically
contemplated in the Signage Vision for the Downtown Yonge Street Strip (adopted by
Council in 2009) as a location for ‘Landmark Signage’, such as the Sam Signage.

The City has been working in close collaboration with Ryerson University and other
important stakeholders, including the Sniderman Family and representatives of the
Music Industry to find a culturally appropriate and relevant location for the Sam
Signage as per Councils direction.

Under the current agreement, Ryerson may install the Sign on either the Student
Learning Centre or Gould Street Library frontage, however based on public feedback
and extensive consultation with stakeholders and taking into consideration the present
context, City Staff believe the rooftop of 277 Victoria Street is the most appropriate

Ryerson has gone through considerable lengths and expense to assist city staff with this