How much drugs were taken on CSNY’s 1974 Tour? This much.

From Rolling Stone:

In the summer of 1974, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunited after a four-year break to launch one of the biggest rock tours ever attempted at that point in time. “There was just so much money on the table,” says David Crosby, “and there were sharks all around.” There were also drug dealers, groupies willing to do anything to get close to the band and wounds from CSNY’s first go-ground that hadn’t quite healed.

Chris O’Dell (Road manager): “When I got to San Francisco before the tour a bunch of people were sitting around a table. They were opening Marlboro packs, taking out all the tobacco, filling them up with pot and putting them back into the packets. We’re talking about very detailed work because we had to get them through customs and have them look like they were never opened. Then they took Vitamin C capsules, filled them up with cocaine and we put them in a bottle. We carried around these things in a trunk and the band took stuff whenever they needed it. It was just a really druggy tour. I remember Stephen came in once and he was holding the biggest ball of cocaine I’d ever seen in my life. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Graham Nash: “We actually had a guy that was employed just to provide us with cocaine. We needed an incredible amount of energy to pull off that tour and I’m sure it helped in a way, but it is a very subtly destructive drug and there was a lot of it around. We were rock and roll stars at the height of our power and the height of our commerciality and the height of our ability to put asses on seats. We had it all. And sometimes you need to break that tension. Drugs and women were a part of that entire process.”

Tim Drummond (Bassist): “The promotors supplied us with cocaine if we wanted it. I was like, ‘I’m not putting this shit up my nose.’ I was into cocaine back then, but I got my own. Then they all came to me wanting some of mine! I had to send somebody out to help these guys out. There was an ample amount. You could find it anywhere. I did my share, and I’m still here. It’s all a matter of how smart you were. There wasn’t any heroin, though. That took you the other way.”

David Crosby: “Cocaine came into the picture right when we started to make the couch album [in 1968.] The people who first gave it to us said it wasn’t addictive. [Laughs] We were idiots. We didn’t have a clue. Music is an elevating force. Cocaine and other hard drugs take everything down: the level of consciousness, the level of conception, the level of performance, the level of humanity, your ability to be empathetic, your energy, your spirit. All that shit gets dragged down. It’s a horrible drug and it has a terrible effect on your psyche and your work. The more we did it, the worse things got. I hate the stuff. I hate the years I wasted doing it.”

O’Dell: “One time they spilled cocaine on the carpet. They just got down on the floor and sniffed it off the carpet. I just went, ‘Oh my God, this is so weird.’ I’d never seen anything like it. They probably don’t remember that.”

Nash: “I started taking Percocet and Percodan, too. I call them ‘I Don’t Give A Shit’ pills. Someone could have said to me, ‘Hey, your leg’s on fire.’ I would have been like, ‘I don’t care, man.’