Willie Nelson Has Waited 28 Years For His #1 On Top Country Albums

With the second-longest span between No. 1s in the chart’s 50-year history, and the longest for a living artist, Willie Nelson closes a 28-year gap at the Top Country Albums summit, as “Band of Brothers” arrives as his 12th leader with 37,000 sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Nelson had last reached No. 1 when “The Promiseland” spent its first of two weeks atop the May 31, 1986, list.

The only artist with a longer break between topping the chart is Johnny Cash, who spanned 35 years between “Man in Black” (1971) and “American V: A Hundred Highways” (2006). Cash died in 2003. That means your favourite new country performer would have to keep performing and hitting No. 1 around2050 or so to break the record – without having a No. 1 album in between.

On a side note, I love Nelson because of his environmental actions – he owns the bio-diesel brand Willie Nelson Biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oil. Nelson is also the honorary chairman of the Advisory Board of the Texas Music Project, the official music charity of the state of Texas.