Celebrate Mandela Day by doing this one thing for him

Today is Madiba’s birthday, which means it’s also International Nelson Mandela Day.

Every year on 18th July people are asked to give up 67 minutes of their day to help others as part of Mandela Day. Why 67? To commemorate the 67 years Nelson Mandela gave to the fight for human rights. When you put it like that, 67 minutes just doesn’t seem like that much. Multiply it by thousands of people (hopefully many more) around the world and that can add up to fantastic amount of work done to help others.

In 2005 Nelson Mandela challenged us to be the great generation that overcomes poverty, as others before us overcame the injustices of slavery and of apartheid. That challenge still stands.

This week you have the opportunity to do your part. Visit the Mandela Day website and register your activity or look for something to inspire you. There’s plenty on there, believe me.

The CEO of the Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory, Sello Hatang said: “The important thing is that Mandela Day is not about money but about giving your time. It’s about doing what you can to make a difference. The test of a legacy is whether the legacy’s impact can continue long after the person who left it can no longer initiate it.”

So this Mandela Day, don’t stand by the sidelines. Dare to do, as Nelson Mandela would have you dare. Be the “man in the arena” we were challenged to be by the great man nine years ago in London. Make your mark as part of his legacy, and start to forge one of your own.

Give 67 minutes of your time to Mandela Day

Via One.org