Radio Commercial Presentation Reel Featuring Gordon Sinclair and Labatt’s

From WFMU:

Track three is interesting in that it contains the voices of some Canadian radio personalities, including Gordon Sinclair, who would become more well known in the US over a decade later, when he wrote and recorded the original version of the spoken word hit “The Americans”. I don’t know what “Big 8” was (featured in track 5) – there is a soft drink company by that name in Canada, but it only seems to have existed for the last 30 years or so. Tracks 8 & 9 sound identical to me, but were separate on the list and the tape, so both are included. And although track 11 does not metnion the Dow company (at least, I don’t hear it) in the lyrics, this ad is referred to on the “take sheet” (reproduced below) as “Dow Square Dance”.

1.) Bob Hahn – Cameo (MP3)

2.) Bob Hahn – Two Labatt’s Weather Jingles (MP3)

3.) Bob Hahn – Labatt’s Canada Showcase Introduction (MP3)

4.) Bob Hahn – Shinola (MP3)

5.) Bob Hahn – Four Big Eight Ads (MP3)

6.) Bob Hahn – Three Sussex Ginger Ale Ads (MP3)

7.) Bob Hahn – Three Texaco Ads (MP3)

8.) Bob Hahn – Labatt’s Pilsner (MP3)

9.) Bob Hahn – Labatt’s Pilsner (MP3)

10.) Bob Hahn – Two Labatt’s Pilsner Ads (MP3)

11.) Bob Hahn – Dow Square Dance (MP3)