Country Music Acts Earn Staggering Amounts of Money

According to a new list released by Forbes, country musicians are earning staggering amounts of money, even outpacing some of the largest names in mainstream pop. Out of the ten best-selling albums in the United States last year, three were by country artists. Toby Keith is the highest-earning country star of 2014, with $65 million. In addition to his music, Keith’s finances were substantially boosted by various entrepreneurial ventures alongside a major endoresment deal with Ford. Taylor Swift follows very closely with $64 million. She earns most of her money from touring. The top three is completed by Kenny Chesney. Even though he played just 29 shows in the period analysed by Forbes, he still raked in a cool $44 million.

Infographic: Country Music Acts Earn Staggering Amounts of Money | Statista
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