At what age are we the most popular we’ll ever be? 29.

From The Independent:

At 29 you may be wondering where it all went wrong – you’re surveying the bankruptcy of your love life, seriously considering a payday loan to afford a birthday party in Dalston and are constantly lying to yourself that university debt was worth it. The upside, however, is that you’re the most popular you’re ever going to get.

Apparently in the last year of our Twenties we have 80 friends, as a result of still being in contact with school friends while also having solidified some work-based ones, too.

A survey of 1,505 Britons found that the average person has 64 friends and that they’re most likely to meet them at work rather than at college or university.

Social activities and clubs came third on the list of spots to pick up friends, while social media came a respectable fourth.