Can You Hear The Difference Between A $275 and $100,000 Guitar?

The difference between Gruhn Guitars’ acoustic guitars comes in the materials, the collector value and the manufacturing. But Emily Siner of Nashville’s NPR wanted to know: Does a $100,000 guitar really sound better?

She asked owner George Gruhn to play a range of their stock: the cheapest acoustic they carried, an upper mid-range guitar and the most expensive acoustic on the shelf. Listen to their 90-second interview with George, or scroll down and guess which audio clip belongs to which guitar.

Guess The Guitar

Click on guitars A, B and C to hear George Gruhn play them. Then, try to guess which one is which: the $275 baby Taylor, the $5,000 custom Martin or the $100,000 Martin D-28 from 1938. To see the answers, scroll down.

Guitar A = custom Martin, $5,000
Guitar B = baby Taylor, $275
Guitar C = 1938 Martin D-28, $100,000