Kip Berman Of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Gets It Right. Again

Being in Pains always seems a lot like wish fulfillment. You wanted to be in a band, onstage in front of fans and then you were. How has that changed since the first album?

I don’t feel it’s any different. I wake up each day and I get to be in my favourite band and it’s wonderful. I get to write songs and go on tour with my friends, it’s very real but I love it more than anything.

You always make it seem like being in a band is a very easy thing to do. For other acts it seems like a lot of strife is involved.

Well maybe some of those people in those bands should get a job and then they’ll realise what they do is a lot more wonderful than what 99.9% of what people have to do by necessity each day.

I’ve done other things. I’ve worked in call centres and stuff. It’s pretty night and day in terms of what brings you happiness. Of course there is always hardship in life, and there a lot of struggles artistically trying to push yourself into doing something of worth.

Via Drowned In Sound