Courtney Taylor-Taylor Of The Dandy Warhols On Music Critics

You are a band who seem to continually confuse critics so by not giving them what they expect your reviews have suffered at times. Do you pay much attention to what people are saying or writing about your band?

Courtney Taylor-Taylor: I don’t think I’ve ever read an article about my band. Ever. Brent (DeBoer) reads them and he’ll tell me about it but I don’t really want to know. And there are so many of them. You never know whose hands your records might fall into. I mean, just the dumbest motherfuckers in the world. Don’t forget, rock writers aren’t just failed musicians, they’re also failed writers! So you’re in bad hands. Back then it was all commercial. At least now there’s blogs and websites like Drowned In Sound who are doing it for the right reasons. But around the time …Monkey House came out most of the writers were careerist. They were saying things like, “Linkin Park: The greatest rock band in the world.” Gross. No, it wasn’t actually. It was a boy band and I can’t remember which one it was. It was on the cover of Rolling Stone. So what do you think that guy was going to say about …Come Down? If the guy who wrote that article got handed anything of ours he wouldn’t know what the fuck is going on. “Where’s the (sings) wooh-ooh-baby?” If it doesn’t sound like dumb people fucking then your band sucks.

Via DiS