Increasing Your YouTube Views

From MusicThinkTank:

We’ve been focusing a lot lately on online promotion and SEO for videos. Through this process we have been doing a lot of tests to see what works and what doesn’t and we’ve only been getting better results. There are so many scams and companies out there that offer fake numbers. This is never a good option – the whole reason to release and promote anything online is to either entertain your current fans and/or gain new fans. It’s easy to release a music video for the benefit of your current fans and it’s important to do things to show your appreciation for them. What we have been focusing on instead is how to increase your fan base and get views from people who have never heard of you before.

The strategy of uploading a video to YouTube and then posting it on your Website, Facebook page and tweeting about it isn’t enough and you wont be gaining new viewers using this method.

Here are a few tips on increasing your YouTube views:

– Make sure the video is tagged properly. Think about what keywords people search that relate to your video.
– The description is important and needs to include keywords that will increase interest. Also, make sure to include all the credits for the song and video.
– The thumbnail needs to be eye catching. Don’t settle for one of the three automatic thumbnails that YouTube sets for you. Choose a photo that will stand out and encourage people to watch your video while also remaining true to the video content. Don’t upload a thumbnail that has nothing to do with the video as this could get your video removed.
– Make sure you and your current fans watch the video all the way through. YouTube takes your watch-time into account when deciding how important your video is, so don’t just click on your video to see how many views you’re at – you need to watch the whole video.

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