The Pixies/Breeders Kim Deal On Starting A Band

KIM DEAL: All I wanted to do was be in bands. That’s all I wanted to do. I was so bummed out because rock bands do not want girls in their band at all. There were just no girls in the bands in Dayton, Ohio. Even Pollard from GBV would say “no bleeders.” And he’s acting like he’s joking but everyone knows he’s not joking. “No bleeders in the band.” So I always just wanted to be in bands and no one around here would play. So I wasn’t really drawn to doing solo stuff. It just always seemed like it wasn’t the cool thing to do. I wanted to be in a band. It never really occurred to me [to go solo]. And then … well, the industry changed and the band lineup of the Breeders that did Title TK and Mountain Battles and Fate To Fatal — the longest lineup for Breeders there’s ever been, with Jose and Mondo — they eventually had families. Jose moved to Portland and has a beautiful drum shop called Revival. It’s really nice. I walk in and I want, like, five of the sets immediately. Mondo, the bass player, lives in East L.A. still. That’s where I lived when I was playing with them. But he has a kid and Jose has a kid. And now the industry doesn’t pay enough for a small band like the Breeders. It was expensive getting us together to work. They need a day job. They have sons.

So I always had a studio, even when I was a teenager living at home. I had a Tascam 38 8-track. I would make my own cords and solder them. I’d buy a spool of cable and make my own cords. I had all these patches that I created and it got ridiculously complicated. I still kind of do that all the time. Right now I’ve got a 338 quarter inch thing, you know they look like a big four-track Tascam? They break all the time. It’s consumer grade, man. It always breaks. It never really works. I ended up getting that and it’s driving the Tascam 16-track half inch, so I’m really liking that. I’m using the 338 as a pre-amp for recording onto the 16-track … wait, what was my point in talking about gear? All I want to do is talk about gear. I’ve got the sweetest microphones here at my house and I can talk about them all day. But anyway, my point is that I’ve always done this. The first 7″ single kinda happened when I went to Australia. I was on a tour and just stayed late and got into a studio in Melbourne. It was the first time I went into the studio and thought that this was something for Kim Deal. I just didn’t know what it was.

Via Stereogum