Why Peter Frampton Snatched Fan’s Phone From Him

From USA Today:

At a recent concert in Indiana, veteran rocker Peter Frampton got so fed up at being snapped by a fan’s smartphone, he snatched it and threw it.

Now, in his first interview since the incident, Frampton — best known for the ’70s-era mega-million seller Frampton Comes Alive double-album and hits such as Show Me The Way — explains why he did it. He says the use of smartphones at shows has gotten out of hand.

“I thought I was going to be castigated,” he says. “But I was overwhelmed by the positive response. So many artists agree with me. And the audience is fed up watching” with their heads buried in phones and tablets.

“It’s like, why can’t you just come to the concert and just live and enjoy the moment?”

Frampton now has a new policy: photos and video just during the first three songs.

“Then I ask them to put them down … and I get applause every time I say that. When you put the phone down at the concert, there’s your 3-D, there’s your HD.”

One of the biggest questions on social media was why Frampton had to throw the phone at all. Why not just take it and put it down on stage. “Because I was making a statement. And it’s rock and roll. So, tough.”