The Coolest Cooler Has The Most-Funded Kickstarter Project Of All Time

The Coolest Cooler is now the most-funded Kickstarter project of all time, with over $10.35 million raised and a little over two days remaining in its campaign. From their page, if you want one…

Regular coolers are boring, break easily and are a hassle to haul around just to carry the ice. The COOLEST cooler is 60 quarts of AWESOME packed with so much fun you’ll look for excuses to get outside more often.

Maybe you want to use the built-in ice crushing blender to whip up some margaritas or smoothies on your next boat trip or tailgate?

Maybe you just want to always have music on hand with the waterproof bluetooth speaker or want to recharge your electronics with the built in USB charger?

What else?

But wait…there’s more!


Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cold blended cocktail or smoothie.  The 18 volt ice-crushing beast built into the COOLEST will power through more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge.


If life is supposed to be a party, then you better bring the music. You’re gathered around the cooler anyway, but now you can DJ the music right from your phone or Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your COOLEST. Just turn your phone on, match it with the COOLEST speaker, and rock out with your bad self.

                        USB CHARGER

 Since you’ve got that 18 volt battery for the blender, why not get the most out of it? Maybe your camera battery is low or maybe you have an iPhone you just want to use after 3:00 in the afternoon… Re-charge your gear wherever you are with the waterproof USB charger.

                          LED LID LIGHT

The party doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down, and you shouldn’t have to freeze your fingers searching endlessly for your favorite drink.  The COOLEST has unbreakable lights embedded in the lid so you easily find what you’re looking for with the push of a button.

                       GEAR TIE-DOWN

Carrying your gear to and from your destination is a hassle, and your old cooler isn’t doing you any favors.

The COOLEST’s locking tie-downs are like having a roof-rack on your cooler so three trips can be done in one. Easily secure your lawn chairs, blankets, towels, toys, fishing tackle, or grill.

                         BEACH TIRES

One of the worst unintended workouts can be had by trying to drag a conventional cooler through a sandy beach.  The COOLEST wheels are twice as wide so they roll easily and don’t sink in.

               ESSENTIAL STORAGE

There are certain essentials you need for any outdoor gathering so why not have a built in cubby to store them?  The COOLEST has storage for a half dozen reusable plastic plates, which also double as a cutting board for the ceramic rust-proof pairing knife.

                SPLIT LID and DIVIDER

The COOLEST has a split lid design so you can get access to ice for the blender without letting too much warm air in.  This also lets you keep your cups in the cup holders so you don’t have to put everything on the ground just to grab another cold drink.

The split lid design and removable divider give you some great packing options.  You can keep your cocktail ice separate from your regular ice. Or you could put ice only on one side, pull the drain plug and the other side becomes a totally dry refrigerator, perfect for keeping sandwiches and any other perishable food cool and dry.

                       BOTTLE OPENER