Streaming Accounted for 63% of Danish Revenues in First Half of Year

From Billboard:

Led by gains in streaming revenues, digital accounted for 82 percent of Denmark’s recorded music revenues in the first half of the year, up from 74 percent a year earlier, trade group IFPI announced Tuesday.

Streaming represented 63 percent of Danish recorded music revenue, an increase from 45 percent last year. Digital downloads’ share of revenue declined to 19 percent from 29 percent. Revenue from physical products — CDs and vinyl LPs — declined to 18 percent of revenues from 26 percent a year earlier.

While Denmark clearly experienced shifts in market shares, the news release leaves a question mark on the overall performance of the Danish recorded music market. The IFPI did not reveal either total recorded music income or change in recorded music income.

However, information released in February show digital gains helped the Danish market rebounding after years of decline. Last year, recorded music revenues in Denmark rose 4.7 percent to 429 million Kroner ($76 million) from 408 million Kroner ($72 million). Digital revenues jumped nearly 26 percent to 278 million Kroner ($37 million) from 221 million Kroner ($30 million) and had risen 126 percent over the previous 5 years.