The most expensive movie props ever sold

From eBay:

Going to see a great movie can be an incredibly moving experience, creating a legion of fans for the actors, directors, or for the movie itself. For some people, buying a DVD to watch at their leisure is THE way to celebrate their favorite movie.

Others hope to keep the memory of the movie alive with something a bit more tangible, including an actual movie prop. And some of the movie props have become collectibles themselves, often garnering a huge number of bids at auction. Think back to you favorite movie. Now consider owning a prop from that movie. Would you choose the Velociraptor cage from Jurassic Park? What about a light saber from the original Star Wars movies?

Take a look at the infographic below which lists the most expensive movie props sold. Is your favorite on the list? Could you even afford it if it were? Somewhat surprisingly, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Seven Year Itch topped our list at over $4.6 million.