Benefits of new Pandora deal with Merlin are available to Canadian Independent Labels

Geoff Kulawick, who represents Canadian independents on the board of MERLIN, would like to make it known to all CIMA members that existing members of IDLA are automatically participating in the Merlin/Pandora deal.

Canadian independent labels using major label owned distributors (i.e. Orchard, InGrooves) who are not affiliated with MERLIN, who have not assigned their digital performance rights to their distributor – including those that are collecting directly from Sound Exchange – can participate in the Merlin/Pandora deal by joining MERLIN. They can do so provided that they use an approved DDEX compliant delivery platform, or by joining the 50+ Canadian independent labels members of IDLA. IDLA uses an approved DDEX compliant delivery platform, and provides a la carte distribution and royalty collection solutions to Canadian independent labels and established artists.

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