Is Madonna Working With Apple? Test This Strange Siri Connection on Your iPhone

From Billboard:

Fifty-three years after IBM programmed the first singing computer, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant Siri might be teaming up with Madonna for an unapologetic collaboration.

Fueled by Madonna’s increasing use of #UnapologeticBitch on her Instagram, fans are speculating that’s the title of the first single from her upcoming 13th album. And as Digital Spy points out, searching for “Unapologetic Bitch” via Siri produces a surprising result.

If you ask Siri to look up “Unapologetic bitch” on an iPhone or iPad, it takes you directly to Madonna’s Wikipedia page — which does NOT feature the words “unapologetic bitch” together. In fact, it doesn’t feature the word “bitch” at all, and “unapologetic” appears just once in the lengthy Wiki entry.

Compare that to searching for “Unapologetic bitch” using a voice-activated assistant on an Android or another phone — it just takes you to a generic Google search results page.

So either Siri is a closet Madonna fan, or Madge and Apple have teamed up in some fashion.