Malaysia Airlines Apologizes for ‘Bucket List’ Promotional Campaign

From Mashable:

Malaysia Airlines is apologizing after starting a promotional campaign that asked customers to name their bucket list travel destinations.

Many criticized the idea of a bucket list — which contains items or activities a person wants to complete before they die — because of the airline’s connection to the worst two airline tragedies this year. Between the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the shooting down of Flight 17, a total of 537 lives were lost.

“Malaysia Airlines has withdrawn the title of a competition running in Australia and New Zealand, as it is found to be inappropriate at this point in time,” the airline said in a statement on Wednesday. “The competition had been earlier approved as it was themed around a common phrase used in both countries. The airline appreciates and respects the sentiments of the public and in no way did it intend to offend any parties.”