MIDiA Launches “The Streaming Effect: Assessing The Impact Of Streaming Music Behaviour” Research Report

From CIMA:

Research firm MIDiA has just launched a brand new report called “The Streaming Effect: Assessing The Impact Of Streaming Music Behaviour”. Besides examining how well streaming has become ubiquitous in music consumption, the report also looks at its growth potential and how streaming is impacting download sales. While the full report and data set is only available to MIDiA Research clients, we’ve summarized the key findings below:

  • 30% of music consumers are streamers, and 1/5th of these streamers pay a subscription fee in order to do so.
  • While streaming has carved out and driven new market growth in some countries (i.e. Sweden), the growth in markets like the USA has undoubtedly come at the expense of digital download sales.23% of these music streamers used to purchase more than 1 album per month, but no longer do so.
  • With 45% of music downloaders also music streamers, it can be expected that digital downloads will continue to be negatively impacted in the future.
  • They project that streaming and subscriptions will grow by 238% on 2013 levels to reach a total of$8 billion in 2019. During this same period, digital download revenues will drop by 39%, leaving streaming and subscription revenues representing 70% of all digital revenues.
  • MIDiA finds that there is still room for growth and expansion for streaming services – only 15% of all music streamers have tried a subscription option, and 22% of streamers say they would pay for $9.99 service.

See MIDiA’s blog here: http://www.midiaresearch.com/blog/view/how-streaming-is-changing-the-music-industry-.html