Chris Rock On The Brilliance Of Joan Rivers

The comedy world lost a legend yesterday with Joan Rivers. Do you have any good Joan Rivers stories?
Who doesn’t have appreciation for her? I mean, I love Joan Rivers. I bumped into her from time to time. I did the very last Joan Rivers Show when she was at Fox. [Editor’s note: The official name was The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, and she was fired in May 1987 and replaced by Arsenio Hall.] She was just an amazing woman. Honestly, I think everybody that keeps saying she was a pioneer for women is doing her a disrespect. She’s one of the greatest comedians to ever live. She’s better than 90 percent of the — she’s better than Robin! Put it that way. She believes it.

You think she’s better than Robin Williams?
Yeah, well, put it this way, she could definitely follow him. That’s it. You as a reporter might go one way or the other. But put a bunch of comedians in a room and go, “Okay, who’s going to have a good set?” Who could Joan Rivers NOT follow? You’re not going to come up with anybody’s name. There’s literally no one in the world Joan Rivers couldn’t follow and blow off the stage.

It’s problematic to label her a female comedian?
You know, she did do a lot for women, but she did a lot for comedy. Please! A lot of my style is Joan Rivers. A lot! But, you know, nobody would ever say that because we don’t look alike. She’s one of the greatest to ever live!

What do you mean a lot of your style is Joan Rivers?
I mean, just watch me on any awards show telling jokes about celebrities. Who started that shit? Joan Rivers! [Laughs.]

Via Vulture