Toronto-Based Coalition Music Opens Up Tour & Tech Educational Program

Coalition Music, one of the world’s best managers and record labels, has opened up their Tour & Tech Program (CMTT), specifically designed to develop skilled tour managers, guitar, bass and drum technicians.

The Coalition Music Tour & Tech Program is specifically designed to develop the skills of Tour Managers, Festival/Event Managers, Promoters, Guitar/Bass/Drum/Key Technicians, Stage Managers, and Sound Engineers.

MTT is a full time, 10-week, Tues-Thurs, 10am – 4pm, 240-hour program.

Program Overview

The Coalition Music’s Tour & Tech Program is facilitated by Coalition Music staff with contributions from a variety of touring and tech professionals.

Topics covered in the program include an overview of the music industry, tour accounting and budgeting, front of house sound engineering, short run local tours, contract settlement, customs and international immigration, advancing tech and hospitality riders, and many more.

If this was around when I was started…

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