Music Beats All Mobile App Categories As Time In App Increases 79%

From Loyalatics:

Though 20% of apps are opened only once, people are becoming more attached to apps overall. According to Localytics data, the amount of time people spend in apps has increased by 21% over the last year. People are engaging with mobile so frequently thattime spent with mobile apps now exceeds time spent on traditional desktop web. Certain categories are driving this increased time spent in apps. Here is a summary of the findings:

    • Overall time in app has increased by 21%
    • Users open an app on average 11.5 times a month, up from 9.4 a year ago (22% increase), while app session length has remained constant at 5.7 minutes
    • Social Networking experiences strong “snacking” behavior
    • Music has the greatest time in app increase of 79%
    • Time in Health & Fitness (a key feature in the recently announced iPhone 6) and Social Networking apps increased by 51% and 49% respectively

Music Shows Greatest Improvement in Time in App

People are spending more time than ever with their apps, but certain app categories show a greater increase than others.


Music apps were the big winner with a 79% increase in time spent with these apps, resulting in an increase of 64 minutes per month compared to last year. As more people shift from iTunes to music apps such as SoundCloud and iHeartRadio, the time spent in music apps has drastically increased. These apps offer greater flexibility around music genres, playlists, and radio features. Most music apps also incorporate a social component, allowing people to share their favorite playlists. These reasons could explain why music has seen such a strong time in app increase over the past year.