US adults will spend an average of 21 minutes each day on Facebook in 2014

From eMarketer:

US adults will spend an average of 21 minutes each day on Facebook in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer—its first-ever analysis of daily time spent on the social network. Those 21 minutes account for one-third of the time US adults spend each day on social networks, 6.0% of time they spend with digital devices and 2.8% of average daily time spent with all media. Average time spent per day with all major media among US adults will increase by 21 minutes from 2013, according to eMarketer, totaling 12 hours, 28 minutes in 2014.

An average of 21 minutes spent per day on Facebook may seem small, but that figure is averaged across the entire adult population, and only 52.8% of US adults—or 129.5 million people—will log in to or access Facebook at least once per month in 2014, according to the latest eMarketer estimates. Among adult Facebook users, average time spent per day on the network is 39 minutes, accounting for 38.1% of their daily time spent on social networks.

While 6.0% of US adults’ digital media time is spent on Facebook, nearly 10% of US digital ad spending flows to the site, which is in direct contrast to all other digital media we track. Nearly half of major media time each day will be on digital devices in 2014, or 5 hours, 46 minutes, yet only 30.5% of total major media ad spending will go toward digital channels.

Looking at various activities within the digital landscape, time spent generally outpaces ad spending across the board. Video will take 15.9% of adults’ digital time in 2014, compared with 11.7% of advertisers’ spending. Online radio programming will grab 11.2% of US adults’ time spent on digital devices and 4.0% share of digital advertising. Subtracting Facebook, other social networks will own 11.9% of US adults’ digital time, but only 3.9% of digital ad revenues.

Comparing time spent and ad spending on Facebook site to site (or app to app, as the case often is), eMarketer’s forecast also broke out time spent with Pandora for the first time. In 2014, US adults will spend 7.1% of their daily time listening to Pandora, according to our figures. That’s not a misprint: For the average US adult, daily time spent with Pandora exceeds daily time spent on Facebook. However, advertisers will only allocate 1.4% of their digital ad dollars to Pandora, a fraction of what they devote to Facebook.