Lucinda Williams On Being Creative Singing 25-Year-Old Songs

What’s the feeling, during a live show, of playing a song that you made when you were 25 years old? 

Some of the songs hold up better than others. In almost all my shows I play “Change the Locks” from the Rough Trade album and I always play “Drunken Angel” and “Lake Charles” and “The Night’s Too Long.” I like doing those songs. I think they held up. If they hadn’t held up I wouldn’t do them. I enjoy pulling out some of those other songs because they have such a history behind them. It’s kind of funny for me to think that I have songs that are kind of like my little hit songs. Like “Drunken Angel” is kind of like, everybody just wants to hear that song all the time. Sometimes I’m like, “God, do we have to play this song again tonight?” but I still love it and everything and I have to acknowledge that for the fans. I can’t go out there and play all new songs. The more songs I have, the more challenging it becomes putting the set list together.

Via The Fader