“Phil Collins Minus One” Allows YOU To Interview Him!

From WFMU:

Back in the days before Clear Channel owned every other station in the country, record labels were forced to do a little bit of legwork in order to promote their releases. Throughtout the 70’s and 80’s, one technique in their arsenal was to mail an “interview records” to every station in the country. Interview records were essentially spoken word karaoke interviews with rock stars, so that a local station could pretend that its own jocks had landed the big one. Stations received a record with the rock star giving answers to interview questions, which were supplied to the station on a script.

An hour or so in the production room with reel to reel tape and a razor blade, and voila! even the lowliest station in the country could air that exclusive interview with Jimmy Page! We still have one such interview record in the mighty FMU record library, “Collins on Collins,” in which Phil Collins knowingly chuckles to your insighttful questions, and waxes philosophical on “Philmania” and the difference between “pop fans” and “music fans.” Here is an MP3 of the Collins on Collins record which came out in 1985. If you really want to play along at home and ask Phil the questions so he can knowingly chuckle and reply to you, here is a pdf document of the script that accompanied the record.