Sinead O’Connor: ‘There’d Have Been a Lot More Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicides’ Without ‘Spinal Tap’

Sinead O’Connor wrote a short but perfect piece for Billboard Magazine this week on the influence of rock and rollers. She’s currently on tour promoting her stunning I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss album.

Ah, Spinal Tap. It speaks the universal language of all musicians — when there’s “too much fucking perspective.” None of us in the music business are “university material.” We don’t fit in the “normal” world. Not fitting can be distressing for us. We make no sense to ourselves or anyone else. But when you watch Tap, you remember you’re a swan.

They’re idiots. Just like us. They “can’t work with” slices of ham which are bigger than slices of bread. Just like us. They write sweet songs and secretly name them “lick my love pump.” Just like us. Not a touring band on the planet doesn’t quote Tap every day on the road. Whether it’s, “Which way’s the stage?,” “Are we gonna do Stonehenge?,” “What a wanker;” “If you will,” or “I’ll rise above it, I’m a professional.” Just one line has to be uttered and an entire band and their crew will smirk through any shit-uation touring could present.

I’m convinced if not for Spinal Tap there’d have been a lot more rock ‘n’ roll suicides.