Chely Wright Fans Break Kickstarter Record in Funding New Album

From Rolling Stone:

“As a country artist, you can really keep your audience for 20 or 30 years,” muses Chely Wright. “That’s how I was with the country music artists that I liked. They didn’t have to still be on the radio for me to buy their records. If they had me at any point, they had me for life.”

That good karma is coming back to Wright as she preps her next album. The singer-songwriter took the increasingly popular step of funding the project through a Kickstarter campaign. Soliciting donations from her loyal fan base not only guarantees contributors a copy of the record once it’s available, but it also means Wright is able to properly promote the album upon its release, effectively becoming her very own record label. It’s a method that allowed Jo Dee Messina, one of Wright’s country contemporaries, to release her own most recent album, Me, earlier this year.

For Wright, the 45-day campaign, which ended earlier this month, raised $250,000 — an amount which will also allow her to produce a music video in conjunction with the album.

“It went gangbusters,” she tells Rolling Stone Country. “It was the sixth most successful music campaign in Kickstarter’s history and the Number One most successful campaign in country music in Kickstarter history. I say that, really, to just brag on my fans and the enthusiasm they have.”