Sammy Hagar On Dysfunctional Tours

It’s amazing Dave (Lee Roth) and Ed (Van Halen) have been able to work together. He’s been back now for seven years and it hasn’t fallen apart yet, at least not publicly.
Oh, I don’t think they’re working.

Well, they get through the tours at least.
I made it through a reunion tour that was just about the most dysfunctional thing I’ve ever done in my adult life, times 10. But I made it through. There’s something funny about a concert. They can work for dysfunctional bands. You can get into a fistfight backstage. You can get into a fistfight the night before. You can be trashed, lying on the ground, feeling like you’re dying. But when you drag your ass on the stage and 15,000 people are screaming with their hands in the air, you get revitalized. Then you look at the guy next to you, the guy whose neck you want to break, and you think, “This is good. I can tolerate this.” When the show is over, you go back to fighting. And then there’s the money. But, look, a lot of bands are in that situation.

Via Rolling Stone